Youth program

In order to give younger audiences a possibility to enter the world of Early music, we are very happy to present a program for children and young people that is speaking to their explorative nature: In a concert and a two-day workshop the music of the past centuries and the matching instruments are presented in an exciting and interactive way.

The harp tree

– The harp in songs and fairytales

Friday 07 | 10 | 2016

11 am | Montfort-GymnasiumMontfort-Gymnasium (Auditorium) Tettnang

Concert for children and young people

Nancy Thym (USA/D)

2 €


Chromatic – Diatonic?

– Exploring and experiencing the historical harp together

Friday & Saturday 07 & 08 | 10 | 2016

2pm & 3 pm | Musikschule Tettnang

Harp workshop for children and young people

Nancy Thym (USA/D)

10 € (participation in both workshop days)